February 3, 2019 || 8:38PM

Today’s been a multi-tasking kind of day. Well, for me, that’s every day. But today was a relaxing multi-tasking day. How is this possible!? Personally, I get bored too quickly with one task. Lately, I found I have been able to do more than I used too. I finished a book last night and I’m halfway through a book a good friend of mine got me for Christmas. I plan on having that finished by tomorrow if not Tuesday, then onto the next book – and I retained all of it! Retaining information is usually difficult for me.

Why is it such a big deal? I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis my sophomore year of high school, but I’ve been struggling with it since December 2009. Long story short, it’s an autoimmune neurological disease. So, my memory, as well as many other cognitive functions and symptoms, were and are being affected. The last few years seemed to be getting more difficult. I wanted to do something in ATTEMPT to help at LEAST my cognitive functions. I first downloaded an app called “Elevate” and it helped for the first 2 weeks or so, then I lost track of time and forgot all about it. However, that did not mean I wanted to quit. I began reading verses of the day and writing them down, writing down my thoughts, writing, and reading. This constant routine not only seems to be helping me individually, but it helps my walk with the Lord – that’s what 99% of my writing and reading consist of honestly. I’ve been consistently doing this for about a month and a half; MAYBE two months.

And to think the Lord has done SO much more in my life than just this simple blessing of my brain improving! ❤

I received one of my birthday presents early and it’s something I’ve been wanting for 2-3 months now; a paint-by-number kit. Some may say, “Oh how childish!” But I really am quite fascinated with the simplest things. It really has me on my toes for sure! There are adult versions and this is FAR more intricate than the ones our moms used to buy us as children. It’s really quite beautiful and patience-testing all-in-one. BUT, it’s a great task to do, while listening to my worship music, in my living room floor.

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