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April 10, 2019 || 11:08AM


But what does that mean? What does that look like?

It means to LOVE those who spitefully use you.

It means to LOVE those who persecute you.

It means to LOVE those who hate you.

It means to LOVE despite what you may FEEL because your heart and emotions are deceiving!

The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” -Jeremiah 17:9 (NIV)

CROSS OCEANS for those people. BE THE REVOLUTION, don’t wait for a revolution! Lay yourself down for those who do not know the peace, love, and joy of our GREAT FATHER. The one who laid HIS life down for OUR sins to give us these great blessings and to give us new life.

I was just recently discussing with some people how intimidated I am to pray and talk with people on the streets and how I cannot WAIT to grow in my boldness with Christ. Just as recent as yesterday! For the last few weeks I’ve been wanting to either go on a walk before work or go to the gym; just SOMETHING exercise related to start my day. However, I either forget, I’m too tired, or unmotivated.

WELL, this morning I was on my way to work and remembered that I wanted to go for a walk and felt led to stop.

So, I did.

I planned to walk the ENTIRE dirt trail to Centennial Park. I had my headphones in and began jamming out, step by step, following the dirt path. There are a few people already there, which is normal, but I notice one body in particular. He has a grey hoodie on with one of the adult version robot hands to pick up trash (I don’t know the precise name, so bear with me). As I walked past him, I felt led to stop and talk to him, but I didn’t.

Like I mentioned prior, I was scared to do stuff like that!

So I kept walking, but the feeling kept its persistence that I needed to go talk to him. My first thoughts: But what if he’s mean? What if he yells at me?

But I turned around and began walking his direction. What IF he yells at me? At least I can say I tried. Anyhow, I asked him how his day was and told him good morning. We talked for a few, then I flat out asked him if I could pray for him (I was trying not to make it awkward, but I think I did anyway.) His face actually lit up and he said yes!

So I prayed peace over his mind. I prayed that whatever was stressing him out or bothering him that God would intervene and take care of it. I prayed all plans and people against him would cease in their tracks.

I don’t know this guy. But I felt God’s AMAZING love for him. And this guy actually told me that he had been thinking about SO MUCH stuff that has been going on and stressing him out. All I did was talk to the guy, pray for him, and remained obedient. I reminded him that God is our redeemer and our healer. I reminded him God loved him and that NOTHING he does could change God’s overwhelming love for him.

And you know what this showed and taught me? That I don’t want to be in ANY bandwagon other than GOD’s. Why do we try SO hard to fit in? Fit in with what? What’s really unique, is EXACTLY who God created me to be. I want to be her. I want to show people the peace God gave me. I want to show people the love I have that God showed me. I want people to KNOW God, because he gave me a NEW LIFE. And the guy I prayed for in the park (for privacy I won’t say his name) was reminded of that today, because I was just obedient to what God asked me to do. To simply just tell him God loved him, repeatedly.

I don’t want to shove God down your throat. I want to hand you over to the dance floor with Him so he can show you His moves, because there’s nothing else quite like it. I don’t want to fit in unless it’s what God called me to do. If I could witness 1,000 more smiles like the guy’s in the park today, I will gladly lay myself down for multitudes of people to feel God’s AMAZING love.

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” -John 13:34-35 (NKJV)

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