About Me!

Hello there! My name is Chelsea Bagube. I lived in Arizona for 18 years, then the good Lord told me to move to Florida! I will be attending the fall semester (2019-2020) of Jesus School! This school will be an experience of a life time where I will be able to grow deeper in my relationship with Jesus and become more of who HE wants me to be. 

I have been writing my ENTIRE life; it was one of many major coping mechanisms growing up. I am particularly an extremely private person, but Jesus tells us to “lay our lives down” in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Part of laying my life down is “making my private public” as apostle Tanya Brewer states. So, I plan to write about Jesus and whatever else He leads me to write, because I feel people need to know they are not alone — in anything. I write freely with complete transparency and honesty here. This will also give me an opportunity to help me keep all of my blogs in one place and to share with others. Enjoy!