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You Can’t.

October 24, 2019 9:27 PM So, I have tomorrow (Friday) off. And I’m not supposed too. There was a misunderstanding in my availability, but nonetheless, I just don’t work tomorrow. And normally, I’d freak out, because I’m only working Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday mornings – cause’ Florida’s expensive. But I didn’t freak out. I just [...]


10/1/2019 9:59PM I wanted pancakes. I had spent from the moment I woke up, until now with Jesus. Something I had never done before (at least not this intense). I only left my room to use the restroom, fill up my water bottle, eat two chocolate bars, and eat my leftover chicken and broccoli. I [...]


September 5, 2019 10:54PM So, for about a year now, I’ve made it my goal to run 5 miles. I have a very “go big or go home” mindset, so I don’t do the “intermittent” running where I walk, then I run, then I walk, I just run, nonstop. Not that intermittent is bad, it’s [...]

Exercise Daily.

July 2nd, 2019 || 1:23PM Last week, I got up in the morning, got ready for the day, and went out to check into the places I’ve applied to for jobs. As I was driving, I passed a church sign that read, “Exercise Daily. Walk with Jesus.” At first I laughed and I was going [...]

Get A Grasp.

May 1, 2019 || 1:46PM It’s been tough. It seems like everything is but isn’t falling into place. I’m moving to Florida in August to go to a school I NEVER thought I’d ever go to. I’m both excited and terrified all in its entirety, because I’ve lived in Kingman my ENTIRE life and never [...]

Follow Me.

April 10, 2019 || 11:08AM WHEN JESUS SAID FOLLOW ME, HE MEANT THAT. But what does that mean? What does that look like? It means to LOVE those who spitefully use you. It means to LOVE those who persecute you. It means to LOVE those who hate you. It means to LOVE despite what you [...]


February 2, 2019 || 9:44PM So, here I am. Sitting on my couch with thoughts flooding about my mind. If I could paint a picture, or paint at all, I would say it’s kind of like a sailor lost at sea. Except, there’s thunder roaring, echoing amongst the crashing waves, and the rain is just [...]


February 3, 2019 || 8:38PM Today’s been a multi-tasking kind of day. Well, for me, that’s every day. But today was a relaxing multi-tasking day. How is this possible!? Personally, I get bored too quickly with one task. Lately, I found I have been able to do more than I used too. I finished a [...]