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I Love Me.

6/9/2020 || 8:51AMThis morning I was praying over my breakfast and thanking God for my life. With a big grin and and even greater smile I said, "Thank you that I get to say 'I love Chelsea'". Then I paused and said, "and that You love her too." And I stopped. And I cried. Like, [...]

Dear all Boazes.

05/18/2020 Dear all Boazes, I’d like you to remember something in your hearts. Before you pursue her, remember Jesus and His walk. Find His heart. Because when you’re pursuing a girl who loves Jesus, she’s going to have high expectations. None to be scared of, because it’s not about conquering a Ninja Warrior challenge of [...]

My way or ‘Yahweh’?

Started: May 13, 2020 || 4:24PM Finished: May 18, 2020 || 10:04AM I procrastinate. A lot. I have several dreams, ideas, and goals, but sometimes I’m like a snail getting there. I’m so goal-oriented, shouldn’t I be on top of it? I actually read an article once titled, “Procrastination is Not Laziness” by David Cain. [...]

He Said.

05/5/2020 || 2:22PM The other day I decided to get all “dolled up”. I grew up a tomboy and mostly around my brother and step-dad so being “girly” wasn’t really programmed in my brain. I grew up thinking it was bad to be girly honestly. But, the other day, I got bored and decided, “you [...]

On to the Next!

04/30/2020 1:44PM. So today was it. Today was the last worship session and the last official day of Jesus School. I now understand why everyone uses the very common word: "bittersweet". My heart feels like it's being "poured out" with so many emotions -- all good. I've met wonderful people of a different species. The [...]


April 14, 2020 9:22 AM Yesterday, my roommate and I went on a late night walk. Before we made it home, I was jokingly imitating what Jesus would say in certain scenarios. Mostly when I mess up or when I get caught up in not knowing if I am doing something right. Her and I [...]

You Can’t.

October 24, 2019 9:27 PM So, I have tomorrow (Friday) off. And I’m not supposed too. There was a misunderstanding in my availability, but nonetheless, I just don’t work tomorrow. And normally, I’d freak out, because I’m only working Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday mornings – cause’ Florida’s expensive. But I didn’t freak out. I just [...]


10/1/2019 9:59PM I wanted pancakes. I had spent from the moment I woke up, until now with Jesus. Something I had never done before (at least not this intense). I only left my room to use the restroom, fill up my water bottle, eat two chocolate bars, and eat my leftover chicken and broccoli. I [...]


September 5, 2019 10:54PM So, for about a year now, I’ve made it my goal to run 5 miles. I have a very “go big or go home” mindset, so I don’t do the “intermittent” running where I walk, then I run, then I walk, I just run, nonstop. Not that intermittent is bad, it’s [...]

Exercise Daily.

July 2nd, 2019 || 1:23PM Last week, I got up in the morning, got ready for the day, and went out to check into the places I’ve applied to for jobs. As I was driving, I passed a church sign that read, “Exercise Daily. Walk with Jesus.” At first I laughed and I was going [...]